Interface IObject3DUserData

interface IObject3DUserData {
    __autoBubbleToParentEvents?: string[];
    __gltfAsset?: {};
    __gltfExtras?: any;
    __importData?: any;
    __keepShadowDef?: boolean;
    __meshSetup?: boolean;
    __needsSourceBuffer?: boolean;
    __objectSetup?: boolean;
    __sourceBlob?: IFile;
    __sourceBuffer?: ArrayBuffer;
    autoCentered?: boolean;
    autoScaleRadius?: number;
    autoScaled?: boolean;
    bboxVisible?: boolean;
    dispose?: any;
    excludeFromExport?: boolean;
    geometriesCentered?: boolean;
    gltfAnim_SyncMaxDuration?: boolean;
    isCentered?: boolean;
    license?: string;
    physicsMass?: number;
    pseudoCentered?: boolean;
    rootPath?: string;
    rootSceneModelRoot?: boolean;
    setDirty?: any;
    setGeometry?: any;
    setMaterial?: any;
    userSelectable?: boolean;
    uuid?: string;
    [key: string]: any;

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[key: string]: any


__autoBubbleToParentEvents?: string[]

Events that should be bubbled to parent root without the need to set bubbleToParent in the event. todo: remove support for this

__gltfAsset?: {}

Type declaration

    __gltfExtras?: any
    __importData?: any

    extra arbitrary data saved by the importer that can be used by the plugins (like gltf material variants)

    __keepShadowDef?: boolean

    Used in GLTFObject3DExtrasExtension and iObjectCommons.upgradeObject3D

    __meshSetup?: boolean
    __needsSourceBuffer?: boolean

    This can be set to true in the importer to indicate that the source buffer should be loaded and cached in the userdata during processRaw

    __objectSetup?: boolean
    __sourceBlob?: IFile

    Cached source blob for the asset

    __sourceBuffer?: ArrayBuffer

    Cached source buffer for the asset (only cached when __needsSourceBuffer is set)

    autoCentered?: boolean
    autoScaleRadius?: number
    autoScaled?: boolean
    bboxVisible?: boolean

    should this object be taken into account when calculating bounding box, default true

    dispose?: any


    excludeFromExport?: boolean

    When true, this object will not be exported when exporting the scene with AssetExporter.exportObject

    geometriesCentered?: boolean
    gltfAnim_SyncMaxDuration?: boolean
    isCentered?: boolean
    license?: string
    physicsMass?: number

    For Physics plugins

    pseudoCentered?: boolean

    Is centered in a parent object.

    rootPath?: string
    rootSceneModelRoot?: boolean

    is it modelRoot in RootScene, used during serialization nad traversing ancestors

    setDirty?: any


    setGeometry?: any


    setMaterial?: any


    userSelectable?: boolean

    When false, this object will not be selectable when clicking on it.

    uuid?: string

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