Class NoiseBumpMaterialPlugin

NoiseBump Materials Extension Adds a material extension to PhysicalMaterial to add support for sparkle bump / noise bump by creating procedural bump map from noise to simulate sparkle flakes. It uses voronoise function from blender along with several additions to generate the noise for the generation. It also adds a UI to the material to edit the settings. It uses WEBGI_materials_noise_bump glTF extension to save the settings in glTF files.

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_dirty: boolean = false
_uniforms: any = ...
_viewer?: ThreeViewer
_viewerListeners: PartialRecord<"update" | "dispose" | "preRender" | "postRender" | "preFrame" | "postFrame" | "*" | "addPlugin" | "renderEnabled" | "renderDisabled", ((e) => void)> = {}

Type declaration

constructor: typeof AViewerPluginSync & typeof AViewerPlugin
enabled: boolean = true
materialExtension: MaterialExtension = ...
uiConfig?: UiObjectConfig<any, string, any> = undefined
NOISE_BUMP_MATERIAL_GLTF_EXTENSION: "WEBGI_materials_noise_bump" = 'WEBGI_materials_noise_bump'
OldPluginType?: string
PluginType: "NoiseBumpMaterialPlugin" = 'NoiseBumpMaterialPlugin'



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