Interface IObjectSetDirtyOptions

interface IObjectSetDirtyOptions {
    bubbleToParent?: boolean;
    change?: string;
    fadeDuration?: number;
    frameFade?: boolean;
    geometryChanged?: boolean;
    refreshScene?: boolean;
    refreshUi?: boolean;
    sceneUpdate?: boolean;
    uiChangeEvent?: ChangeEvent;
    [key: string]: any;


  • ISetDirtyCommonOptions
    • IObjectSetDirtyOptions


[key: string]: any


bubbleToParent?: boolean
change?: string
fadeDuration?: number

Duration for frameFade in ms. Check FrameFadePlugin for more details.

frameFade?: boolean

Enable/disable frame fade using FrameFadePlugin Default true. when the plugin is enabled and has corresponding flags enabled

geometryChanged?: boolean
refreshScene?: boolean
refreshUi?: boolean

Trigger UI Config Refresh along with setDirty. Default true. Set to false to prevent UI Config refresh.

sceneUpdate?: boolean


use refreshScene instead

uiChangeEvent?: ChangeEvent

Event from uiconfig.js when some value changes from the UI.

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