Class FrameFadePlugin

FrameFade Plugin

Adds a post-render pass to smoothly fade to a new rendered frame over time. This is useful for example when changing the camera position, material, object properties, etc to avoid a sudden jump.

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_dirty: boolean = false
_pass?: FrameFadeBlendPass
_pointerEnabled: boolean = true
_target?: IRenderTarget
_viewer?: ThreeViewer
_viewerListeners: PartialRecord<"update" | "dispose" | "preRender" | "postRender" | "preFrame" | "postFrame" | "*" | "addPlugin" | "renderEnabled" | "renderDisabled", ((e) => void)> = {}

Type declaration

constructor: typeof AViewerPluginSync & typeof AViewerPlugin
dependencies: typeof ProgressivePlugin[] = ...
enabled: boolean = true
fadeOnActiveCameraChange: boolean = true
fadeOnMaterialUpdate: boolean = true
fadeOnSceneUpdate: boolean = true
passId: "frameFade" = 'frameFade'
uiConfig?: UiObjectConfig<any, string, any> = undefined
PluginType: "FrameFadePlugin" = 'FrameFadePlugin'



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