Interface IGeometry<Attributes>

interface IGeometry<Attributes> {
    _uiConfig?: UiObjectConfig<any, string, any>;
    appliedMeshes: Set<IObject3D<IObject3DEvent<IObject3DEventTypes>, IObject3DEventTypes>>;
    assetType: "geometry";
    uiConfig?: UiObjectConfig<any, string, any>;
    userData: IGeometryUserData;
    center(offset?, keepWorldPosition?): this;
    dispose(force?): void;
    refreshUi(): void;
    setDirty(options?): void;

Type Parameters


Implemented by


_uiConfig?: UiObjectConfig<any, string, any>
assetType: "geometry"
uiConfig?: UiObjectConfig<any, string, any>


  • Parameters

    • Optional offset: Vector3
    • Optional keepWorldPosition: boolean

    Returns this

  • Disposes the geometry from the GPU. Set force to false if not sure the geometry is used by any object in the scene. // todo add check for visible in scene also? or is that overkill


    • Optional force: boolean

      when true, same as three.js dispose. when false, only disposes if disposeOnIdle not false and not used by any object in the scene. default: true

    Returns void

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