Class ContactShadowGroundPlugin

Base Class for Sync Viewer Plugins

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_blurHelper?: HVBlurHelper
_depthPass?: GBufferRenderPass<"contactShadowGround", WebGLRenderTarget>
_dirty: boolean = false
_material?: PhysicalMaterial
_viewer?: ThreeViewer
_viewerListeners: PartialRecord<"update" | "dispose" | "preRender" | "postRender" | "preFrame" | "postFrame" | "*" | "addPlugin" | "renderEnabled" | "renderDisabled", ((e) => void)> = {}

Type declaration

autoAdjustTransform: boolean = true
blurAmount: number = 1
constructor: typeof AViewerPluginSync & typeof AViewerPlugin
contactShadows: boolean = true
enableRefreshTransform: boolean = true

Extra flag for plugins to disable transform refresh like when animating or dragging

limitCameraAboveGround: boolean = false

If true, the camera will be limited to not go below the ground. note: this will only work when OrbitControls3 or three.js OrbitControls are being used.

renderToDepth: boolean = true
shadowCamera: OrthographicCamera = ...
shadowHeight: number = 5
shadowScale: number = 1
size: number = 8
tonemapGround: boolean = true

If false, the ground will not be tonemapped in post processing. note: this will only work when GBufferPlugin is being used. Also needs renderToDepth to be true.

uiConfig?: UiObjectConfig<any, string, any> = undefined
visible: boolean = true
yOffset: number = 0
PluginType: "ContactShadowGroundPlugin" = 'ContactShadowGroundPlugin'



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