Class Rhino3dmLoadPlugin

Adds support for loading Rhino .3dm, model/vnd.3dm, model/3dm files and data uris.

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_importer: Importer<Rhino3dmLoader2> = ...
constructor: typeof BaseImporterPlugin
forceLayerMaterials: boolean = false

Force layer materials even if material/color source is not from layer. Only works if importMaterials is true Same as Rhino3dmLoader2.ForceLayerMaterials

hideLineMesh: boolean = false

Hide all lines, line segments and points in the file Same as Rhino3dmLoader2.HideLineMesh

importMaterials: boolean = true

Import materials from the file based on material source and color source. If false, a default material will be used Same as Rhino3dmLoader2.ImportMaterials

replaceWithInstancedMesh: boolean = false

Replace meshes with instanced meshes if they have the same parent, geometry and material Same as Rhino3dmLoader2.ReplaceWithInstancedMesh

toJSON: any = null
uiConfig: UiObjectConfig<any, string, any>
PluginType: "Rhino3dmLoadPlugin" = 'Rhino3dmLoadPlugin'


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