Class RootScene





_mainCamera: null | ICamera<ICameraEvent, ICameraEventTypes> = null
_sceneBoundingRadius: number = 0
_sceneBounds: Box3B = ...
_v1: Vector3 = ...
_v2: Vector3 = ...
assetType: "model" = ...
background: null | "environment" | Color | ITexture = null
backgroundColor: null | Color = null
backgroundIntensity: number = 1

The intensity for the environment light.

clone: ((recursive?) => RootScene)

Type declaration

copy: ((source, recursive?, ...args) => RootScene)

Type declaration

    • (source, recursive?, ...args): RootScene
    • Parameters

      • source: RootScene
      • Optional recursive: boolean
      • Rest ...args: any[]

      Returns RootScene

The default camera in the scene

dispatchEvent: ((event) => void)

Type declaration

envMapIntensity: number = 1

The intensity for the environment light.

environment: null | ITexture = null
fixedEnvMapDirection: boolean = false

Fixed direction environment reflections irrespective of camera position.

getObjectById: (<T>(id) => undefined | T)

Type declaration

getObjectByName: (<T>(name) => undefined | T)

Type declaration

getObjectByProperty: (<T>(name, value) => undefined | T)

Type declaration

isRootScene: true = true

The root object where all imported objects are added.

parent: null
refreshUi: any = ...
remove: ((...object) => RootScene)

Type declaration

traverse: ((callback) => void)

Type declaration

traverseAncestors: ((callback) => void)

Type declaration

traverseVisible: ((callback) => void)

Type declaration

uiConfig: UiObjectConfig<any, string, any>



  • Parameters

    • dispose: boolean = false
    • setDirty: boolean = true

    Returns void

  • Refreshes the scene active camera near far values, based on the scene bounding box. This is called automatically every time the camera is updated.

    Returns void

  • Deprecated

    Sets the camera pointing towards the object at a specific distance.


    • rootObject: undefined | Object3D<Event, string> = undefined

      The object to point at.

    • centerOffset: Vector3 = ...

      The distance offset from the object to point at.

    • targetOffset: Vector3 = ...

      The distance offset for the target from the center of object to point at.

    Returns void

  • Sets the backgroundColor property from a string, number or Color, and updates the scene.


    • color: null | string | number | Color

    Returns void

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