Interface IPipelinePass<Tid>

interface IPipelinePass<Tid> {
    after?: string[];
    before?: string[];
    dirty?: ValOrFunc<boolean>;
    materialExtension?: MaterialExtension;
    onDirty?: (() => void)[];
    passId: Tid;
    required?: string[];
    uniforms?: {
        [name: string]: IUniform;
    beforeRender?(scene, camera, renderManager): void;
    onPostFrame?(renderManager): void;
    onRegister?(renderer): void;
    onUnregister?(renderer): void;
    setDirty?(): void;

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after?: string[]
before?: string[]
dirty?: ValOrFunc<boolean>

Checked by RenderManager to determine whether to render this frame. A frame is rendered if any pass is dirty. This can be set by the plugin/pass to indicate when to continue rendering. See ProgressivePlugin. This is different from setDirty which is implementation specific to the pass/plugin. It generally calls onDirty and set the viewer dirty.

materialExtension?: MaterialExtension
onDirty?: (() => void)[]

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void

passId: Tid

Unique id for the pass. Used to determine the order of passes in the pipeline.

required?: string[]
uniforms?: {
    [name: string]: IUniform;

Type declaration


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