Interface IObject3D<E, ET>

Type Parameters



_currentGeometry?: null | IGeometry<NormalBufferAttributes>
_onGeometryUpdate?: ((e) => void)

Type declaration

    • (e): void
    • Parameters

      Returns void

assetType: "model" | "light" | "camera" | "widget"
isCamera?: boolean
isLight?: boolean
isLine?: boolean
isMesh?: boolean
isObject3D: true
isScene?: boolean
isWidget?: boolean

Same as material but always returns an array.

modelObject: IObject3D<E, ET>


use object directly

morphTargetDictionary?: Record<string, number>
morphTargetInfluences?: number[]
objectProcessor?: IObjectProcessor

Parent/Ancestor of this object to bubble events to. This is set internally by setupObject3D.

uiConfig?: UiObjectConfig<any, string, any>


  • Type Parameters


    • Optional autoScaleRadius: number

      optional (taken from userData.autoScaleRadius by default)

    • Optional isCentered: boolean

      optional (taken from userData.isCentered by default)

    • Optional setDirty: boolean

      true by default

    Returns T

  • Parameters

    • Optional removeFromParent: boolean

      remove from parent. Default true

    Returns void

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